giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Mirror Design for BottegaVintage

From BottegaVintage Blog:

The BottegaVintage gifts for the 2012 Christmas have arrived! Yay! I'm proud to show you the BV mirrors collection, hand-drawn by Peut-Feutre! Peut-Fetre Etsy shop is run by Carol, a young graphic designer and illustrator. She selected and reinterpreted her favorite items from my shop to create the cutest mirrors ever! How can you have your favorite one? If you buy something from one of my Etsy shops (BottegaVintage or BottegaVintageMaison) during December you will receive a BV mirror together with your purchase. Enjoy, and happy Christmas time!

domenica 2 dicembre 2012

sunday at the flea market

Cagliari is a small city in the south of Sardinia, a not-so-small island in the middle of Mediterranean sea.

After travelling for a while, I decided to move back, and in these few months I'm discovering little treasuries around the island.

Today I went with my fiancé to this flea market, surprisingly it was one of the biggest I've ever seen, full of wonderful retro stuff, from sewing machines to vintage moto guzzi.
Here's some pictures of what I bought, let's start with my favourite one

An amazing diamonica, perfectly working, with his matching case

one of my favourite books of my teenage
a canister full of buttons
ceci c'est une pipe.

See you next sunday!

mercoledì 28 novembre 2012

The Vegetable Parade - Illustrated Calendar 2013

Here's our 12 month calendar for year 2013!

Each month is matched by a sweet character representing a seasonal vegetable. On the bottom of the page you will find a funny fact about it (historical, nutritional, or just curious!).

It will look great hanging on a cork board, in a frame, or on a desktop easel, to decore your home, your workplace, or make a nice and original gift for the next year!

Now avaliable on our Etsy Store both in English and Italian: click here for the printed version, here the printable one.


Ecco il nostro calendario 2013!

Ogni mese è accompagnato da un personaggio che rappresenta una verdura di stagione.
In fondo alla pagina troverete una curiosità su di esso (storica, nutrizionale, o semplicemente un pò particolare!).

Perfetto da appendere o tenere sulla scrivania, o per fare un regalo originale per l'anno nuovo.

Disponibile nel nostro Etsy Store, sia in italiano che in inglese, nella versione stampata e rilegata, e in quella stampabile in formato PDF

domenica 17 giugno 2012

adopting a nano

Some days ago we did a cover for this lovely, old-fashioned (yes, we found out that a 2G device is officially "retro") ipod nano. It was age we didn't see one similar! And I personally think that this one is really nicer than the "clip" one. So we did this cover as a tribute for this old generation of mp3 players. he's even got games!!

lunedì 4 giugno 2012

Etsy Italia Team Shop for Charity - Vendita di beneficienza per le vittime del terremoto in Nord Italia

Maybe you already know what's going on in Italy from the second half of may:
a terrible serie of earthquakes are really damaging the northern area of Italy, destroying buildings, displacing people and making victims (17 people have died so far).

Just a couple of days ago (May 29), there has been another earthquake that caused new victims and the collapse of buildings already damaged from the previous one. The nightmare never seems to end.

The EtsyItaliaTeam wants to contribute by donating the beautiful creations of its members for sale in its charity shop. The proceeds will be donated to region of Emilia Romagna that can use them where necessary to help.

We decided to participate and our first item has already been sold; now our little pipe is avaliable for those of us that want to support earthquake victims buying handmade:

take a look at the shop and support us; we already sold more than 60 items but we can do more!

lunedì 28 maggio 2012

Mauerpark und Karnival - Berlin

Mauerpark is a public park located in Prenzlauerberg, one of the most fashionable and aesthetically pleasing district in Berlin . The name translates to "Wall Park", referring to its status as a former part of the Berlin Wall and its Death Strip. The park is one of the most popular places for young residents of Berlin, and in 2004 was established the Flea Market, that soon became a weekly appointment for locals and tourists. It became probably the most famous flea market of the city, and every sunday, with the sun on your head or the snow falling down, you can go there for a walk and find the most interesting, weird and old-fashioned things you can imagine. From vintage to handmade, passing by cycles, supplies and food from every corner of the world, there's really everything you can look for on a relaxing sunday. Just across the market there's a little amphitheater, where you can assist (or challenge!) at the "Bearpit Karaoke Show", a real Karaoke competition with a very interested audience. Over the years this tradition became a regular fixture in the park on Sunday afternoons, and it's possible to visit the shows from spring through to late autumn.
Some weeks ago we made our first attempt. The weather was a bit cold, but the sun was shining, the people appreciated our stuff and we found a lot of inspiring things as well! We'll repeat very very soon...In the meanwhile, some pictures of the Cultures Carnival (more infos about the event here)

domenica 6 maggio 2012

ipod case!

Novité - novité.. Ci stiamo specializzando in custodie per ipod/iphone. Abbiamo iniziato con un classicone baffuto, ma presto ne arriveranno tanti altri..Stay tuned!

New item! We're specializing in ipod/iphone cases now. We started with an evergreen, the mustached one. It doesn't even need the eyes to be characterized! Soon new ones will arrive. Stay tuned!

giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

the moustache side of the pillows

La citazione è appropriata, perchè da una parte hanno i baffi, dall'altra no.
Questi due saranno in esposizione e vendita domani 2 febbraio al tattoo studio Elegant Ink durante l'evento al quale saremo ospitate (qui la locandina); per ordinazioni personalizzate potete contattarci via facebook o mail.

The quote is appropriate, because they got the moustache only on one side.
These will be exposed at Elegant Ink tattoo studio, during the event that will host us (here's the flyer); for custom orders please contact us on facebook or e-mail

venerdì 20 gennaio 2012


Qui presenteremo nuove collezioni e accessori..chi è fisicamente possibilitato a farlo, venga!

per info:
elegant ink: via corinaldi 29 pula 070 7549034 • 340 8565501

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

hand in gloves

Dopo tre lunghi inverni di "ma quanto sarebbero belli dei guanti coi baffi", eccoli!
E visto che é passato tanto tempo, abbiamo creato la versione nature, con la fogliolina!
Questi due paia della foto sono giá andati via, ne prepareremo presto degli altri, per ordinazioni (o customizzazioni del vostro paio) potete sempre scriverci!