lunedì 4 giugno 2012

Etsy Italia Team Shop for Charity - Vendita di beneficienza per le vittime del terremoto in Nord Italia

Maybe you already know what's going on in Italy from the second half of may:
a terrible serie of earthquakes are really damaging the northern area of Italy, destroying buildings, displacing people and making victims (17 people have died so far).

Just a couple of days ago (May 29), there has been another earthquake that caused new victims and the collapse of buildings already damaged from the previous one. The nightmare never seems to end.

The EtsyItaliaTeam wants to contribute by donating the beautiful creations of its members for sale in its charity shop. The proceeds will be donated to region of Emilia Romagna that can use them where necessary to help.

We decided to participate and our first item has already been sold; now our little pipe is avaliable for those of us that want to support earthquake victims buying handmade:

take a look at the shop and support us; we already sold more than 60 items but we can do more!

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